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College writing assignments provide a fertile ground for creative angst to sprout. Every time you think you’ve made progress on a devilishly difficult essay, it hastens to remind you that you are, in actuality, nowhere. Fortunately, you can make a meaningful headway using this free essay sample repository. is the world’s preeminent database of college paper samples. All essay examples are professionally-curated and available to the general public free of charge to improve academic outcomes and promote student autonomy.

Thousands of monthly visits by users across the globe are a clear indication of the students’ appreciation of good essay examples. Stretched to the creative breaking point, learners seek spurting sources of inspiration provided by this service. Time constraints also intensify the need for essay writing examples found in our directory. Use them to markedly improve the quality of your writing and reduce the time required for the completion of your essays.

Top Topics for Essay Writing Samples

Go through the searchable collection of essays, research papers, reports, and dissertations to find the one suitable for your needs. Bellow is the list of the most popular topics that students search. By clicking on Show All button, you will see the whole list.

Don’t Study Hard – Use Examples of Essays to Study Smart

You can learn by trial and error accepting the substandard academic results as a byproduct of the educational process. You can also study smarter with free access to thousands of free essay examples.

Some students erroneously pursue excellence by blindly following general writing rules and conventions. Sure, this approach can be useful, but it is not the be-all and end-all of academic success, but rather a tiny fraction of it. Why? Simply because the rules do not determine the practice of writing as much as they merely guide it. As such, grammar, format, and style maxims cannot replace practical knowledge, which is best imparted by example.

Let’s say you’ve been tasked with a short essay. Where do you start? The departing point should be the creation of an outline or a writing map, which is best achieved by following our free examples. It will help you stick to your points. Once you have the roadmap for writing, draw heavily on our examples to learn the most effective means of conveying complex arguments. Having a great example to follow will keep you from getting bogged down in a jumble of data garnered by your research.

Use our samples to understand how competing facts and opinions should be presented in a college essay. Identify topic sentences and supporting points used by authors and try to imitate them in your own writing. However, mind the fact that any materials you decide to use in your essay should be properly attributed. Be sure to provide a link to our website in your paper and format it in accordance with the citation style stipulated in your writing instructions.

Popular Academic Essays Types Examples

If you write a particular type of paper like an essay, case study or dissertation, you probably need to go through several different exampes to get a grip of how make your own paper perfect. For those purpuses, we have our samples categorized into paper types. Below is the most popular ones.

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Free Essay Writing Samples: Search, Follow, Succeed is a focal point for free academic publishing. Expanding beyond essay examples free directory goes into all major types of academic writing. We have exceeded our initial objective of making 5, 000 papers freely available to students across the globe. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the vision of democratizing academic knowledge; therefore, we keep expanding our database. At EssayWeb, knowledge accumulation is always at progress.

A broad portfolio of college assignments is now available on our website due to the generous submissions by competent academic writers and students. Our in-house curators work hard to assess and improve the quality of contributed materials, which helps us to remain the leaders of open research.

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