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An article review is a paper that combines a summary and elements of evaluative analysis of an article written by another author. Professors often give assignments to write reviews of various scholarly articles in order to introduce students to the works of specialists in a particular field. Understanding the main points and the logic of reasoning is essential for critical analysis. A prime example of a journal article review will help you understand how to develop such a paper better than any writing guide.

At, you can find a wide selection of brilliant article review examples that you can use to your advantage. Samples of the articles reviews will help you understand how to conduct critical, constructive analysis, to organize literature, and to logically develop ideas. If you need to write a review in a specific style, you can check out MLA or APA article review sample paper in our directory and find out the main format features.

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Good Example Of Corporate Ethical Issues Article Review

Nike is a company with a worldwide presence. The company, according to Forbes has a market value of over $86 billion as of May 2015 and stands to be 18th in the world’s most valuable brands (, n.d.). Nike’s most footwear products are majorly designed for a specific athletic use, for example for football, running, volleyball, cricket, just to name a few. However, a significant percentage of these footwear products are usually worn for leisure or casual purposes.
In the recent past, Nike has faced its fair share of the ethical dilemma. These ethical predicaments arise when

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Mercury Pollution Article Review Examples

Question 1 (Answer)

According to Piven's specialist, the mercury got into his sushi through the mercury contaminated fish (Pirrone and Mahaffey, 2005). The etiology is indistinct, yet his level of mercury was uniquely high, one of the most. Piven’s alleged fanatic of sushi consumed oysters, scallops as well as the mackerel which made his intake of mercury far much above the safety zone.

Question 2 (Answer)

Mercury is a concoction component with image Hg and nuclear number 80 (Pirrone and Mahaffey, 2005). Mercury is the main metallic component that is fluid at standard conditions for temperature and weight, the main other component that is

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Free Article Review About Culture

A. Brief Overview of “Is Hooking Up bad for Young Women?”

Several authors look at the sex culture in today’s youths in comparison to the baby boomers. Jessica Valenti(2010) for instance argues that the problem with America today is not the casual sex as it is not new but the moral panic that exists. The mass media has driven sociologists and psychologists to investigate young hookups even more closely. Statistics by CDC and the NHSLS show that young adults today are having far less sex than the baby boomers. Hookups are not free for all as portrayed by the media but is rather a safe manoeuvre by young

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