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Utilitarianism and Universalism

Introduction of the Concepts
Utilitarianism is comparatively an older concept that highlights the morality of an action based on its impact on maximum number of people in the world. An action is considered moral, if it provides maximum happiness to maximum number of people around the world (Tsoukas, 2011). On the other hand, Universalism is comparatively a new concept that highlights that that there are few action, which are categorical imperative regardless of their impact on others. Both Utilitarianism and Universalism expounds the basis for our actions. These theories guides an individual to choose the best and morally correct

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Free PRE-Planning For A SQL Upgrade Essay Example

My organization is preparing to deploy a Microsoft Windows SQL Server 2012 on dual servers as production databases. The organization aspires the servers to handle 500 users on a daily basis. This paper documents a research pertaining SQL 2012 planning and installation process. The first section will detail the list of considerations the organization needs to have in mind before installation of the SQL server. The second part review the SQL Server 2012 editions and provide a rationale on the best option. The third section details the minimum hardware requirement for the machines and the maximum resources necessary to

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Applying Theories To Global, Occupational And Environmental Health Essay Example

Sustainable growth supports an economic development that take into consideration social and environmental welfare as well. Economic development and excessive use of resources are a major cause for many life style diseases. Fast food culture, lack of physical activity, smoking, pollution, pesticides, stress and production practices have increased the occurrences of obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Unlike the past, when majority of the deaths were associated with infectious diseases; life style diseases are the major cause of deaths in today. The primary step to reducing these diseases, is by introducing a change in human behavior.
Health behavior theories

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When Was the Upper Paleolithic Era and What Are Its Main Features

This is the fourth and concluding chapter of bigger human prehistory and anthropology research paper example. It demonstrates how our writers can tackle even the most difficult topics (for example, cultural innovations of the upper Paleolithic) as easy as shelling peas. Just imagine what they can do with smaller writing assignments and how could your academic performance skyrocket with their help!

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Middle Paleolithic Era and the Emergence of Homo Sapiens

Check out this 30-page chapter of a sample research paper on human prehistory in the middle Paleolithic age and behold the mastery of our writers! With their assignment, homework, research, dissertation or essay help online, there is no task too hard for you to accomplish on the highest level of quality. Whenever you feel lost and uninspired or simply lack time, call out for our assistance and tackle all your academic challenges!

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Timeline of Human Prehistory: Research Paper Sample on the Paleolithic Age

The research sample paper below is a great pillar for those students who specialize in human prehistory and the first civilizations. It starts from describing the general state of affairs in the infancy of mankind by answering questions like "When did the Paleolithic era begin?", "What hominid species existed at that time?", "What was the climate and how did it affect the migration process of the first people?" Thanks to reading this paper, you have a chance to see with your very eyes how much effort it takes to craft a worthy research paper. Yeah, and mind that on this page, you'll see JUST ONE part of the entire work (there are THREE MORE PARTS). If the perspective of birth pangs of such a mammoth piece still leaves you undaunted – all sails to the wind and full ahead! Alternatively, you can turn to the external help of professional history essay writer who will protect you from stress, save your time, and deliver a high-quality paper right when you need it.

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