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Middle Paleolithic Era and the Emergence of Homo Sapiens

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Essay On Society and Women’s Image

One of the greatest groups that receive pressure from society is women. It constantly leads them towards an ideal that is not necessarily achievable. This often brings nefarious consequences and even suicide. Therefore, it is important to study the manner in which the culture does this in under to understand it better. Three ways society puts pressure on women to conform to a certain standard of beauty is by presenting them artificially perfected images, giving them unreal role models and giving them low self-esteem.
First, the main way society puts pressure on women to conform to a certain social standard is by giving them fake pictures of women. “From cartoon characters to movie stars, you have probably been exposed to messages about what is considered attractive as far back as you can remember” (Mehta). From Photoshop to Betty Boop, culture constantly bombards women with unattainable models. Most of the time, these images are not even real; technicians have altered them in order to make them more appealing to the public. However, women are expected to look like this, even if celebrities, whose occupation leads them to be like that, are not even that perfect.

That leads the discussion towards these role models, who have an advantage because of their money, yet end up not being healthy anyways. “Celebrities and models are in the business of looking good, and they get a lot of help. Many follow special diets, and others have personal trainers who work with them for several hours a day” (Mehta). Although they have many ways for people to help them, their bodies may still not be in great shape. Often, the diets their trainers give them can be so extreme that it leads their bodies not to function well. These people have even more pressure than regular people, as the whole world is watching them. By developing unhealthy habits, they not only damage their own bodies, but those of other girls as well. They set unreal images that little girls follow, leading them to unhealthy lives.
Finally, this is also a matter of happiness, as many women feel that they have inadequate bodies, leading them to see themselves in a negative manner. “Self-esteem plays a huge role in body image, so the better you feel about yourself, the more likely it is you'll like what you see in the mirror” (Mehta). Even though these women may not be overweight, their negative feelings towards themselves may lead them to see themselves in a distorted way. Many girls see a completely other girl when they look at the mirror, especially in terms of body weight and facial feature. Thus, reality is sometimes not a factor at all, as women may see themselves in an unreal way due to their self-esteem.

In conclusion, society puts pressure on women in many different ways so as they may conform to an unreal standard with unhealthy role models and leading them towards low self-esteem. It is really important to study these factors in order to change them. People, especially women, need to be aware that this tendency is occurring so that they may counterbalance it in their lives. Furthermore, it is significant because it may lead to horrible consequences, including suicide.

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Mehta, Julie. "Pretty unreal: ever wish you could look as hot as celebrities do? Well, they don't look as good as you think." Current Health 2, a Weekly Reader publication Jan. 2005: 15+.

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Good Example Of Planning For A House Purchase Essay

Making a huge purchase is never an easy job. This is mostly attributed to the considerable amount of money you need to shell out. Many people have to go above and beyond just to secure the funding they need to be able to make the purchase. This especially true when one is planning to buy their first house. To be able to make this mature purchase, I need to have a reasonable financial plan that I need to stick to.
The key for any plan to succeed is to keep doing directed actions or to keep making decisions that

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The Controversy In The Common Core Standard Research Paper Example

The Common Core Standard program is a federal program that regulates a set of standards for states to follow in preparing students for college and the job market after high school graduation. In essence, the states lose their ability to implement programs that cater to their unique demographics and local characteristics. In the vast career driven civilization prospering today, many young adults are expected to perform at a certain level. So the Common Core Standard program was developed to educate students using the mantra: clearer, higher and deeper that will lead them to prepare them to meet these expectations.

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The Use Of Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry Research Paper Sample

1. Executive Summary
The use of advanced technologies in the restaurant industry is the topic chosen for this paper. The topic is researched in the light of increasing growing competition in the restaurant business sector. The details of the findings are furnished below.
1.1 Parameters of the report
The major purpose of this study is to identify whether or not the long term benefits of using advanced computer technologies in the restaurant industry would outweigh its potential costs. This study will consider the case of Pleasant Hill Kitchen and Bakery, which is an American style restaurant offering spaghetti, steak,

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Criminal Law: Ethical Dilemma Critical Thinkings Examples

In order to deal with this effectively, I would consider the best applicable moral rule and apply. Here, a mother has been cornered by socioeconomic circumstances to continue violating the law in order to manage stress while ensuring she takes care of her kids. My first consideration is the fact that there is a lack of support system for this woman given that her ex-husband does not support her. Moreover, her mother believes that she is paying for her sins and that she neglects caring for the younger children. Another cause of ethical dilemma is the aspect that she

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History Argumentative Essay Sample

The Assassination of Kennedy

Lee Harvey Oswald made three shots from the Texas School Book Depository Building “fatally wounding President Kennedy and seriously injuring Governor Connally” (“John F. Kennedy assassinated”). Oswald was born in New Orleans in 1939 and in 1956 joined the U.S. Marines. In 1959 he left for the Soviet Union and tried unsuccessfully to become a Soviet Union citizen. In 1962 he was allowed to return to the U.S. with his Soviet wife and little daughter. He bought a revolver and had precedent of shooting at but missing former U.S. Army general early in 1963. Lately he founded pro-Castro organization.

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Free Essay On Professional Socialization


When it comes to defining professional socialization, it becomes very difficult to give it a precise definition because there is not a single agreed definition of it. There are different definitions of professional socialization offered by different scholars. Some of the scholars believe that the professional socialization is a process through which individuals go through an evolution of acquiring new skills, adopting new habits, behaviors and quitting the old habits as well as behavior so that they would come to terms with the requirements of their professions. Professional socialization is a kind of learning process in which individuals acquires

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Essay On Current Issues Affecting Labor Relations And Collective Bargaining


Labor relations can be described as the employment relationship in the organization of employment. Public and private enterprises both are faced with the labor relations problems. In this context, collective bargaining can be defined as the process of negotiation between an employer and group of employees to reach at an agreement (Zhang et al., 2014). The interests of the employees are represented by a trade representative and the process mainly aims to regulate the working conditions and bring harmony between the relations of employer and employees (Zhang et al., 2014). In this context, the present essay aims to evaluate

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