How To Prevent Pollution Essay

There are many types of pollution that drove the World to be in critical situation. Not only the developed countries are responsible about this issue, but also the developing countries are more pinpointed since they have low standards and criteria to keep the environment healthier. One of these types is seas pollution. Often the ability of water to cleanse itself is already inadequate to cope with the ever increasing number of pollution. “A great deal of water pollution happens not from one single source but from many different scattered sources” (Woodford). Fields of pollution generated mainly in the coastal waters of the major industrial centers and estuaries, as well as in areas of heavy traffic and oil. During the contamination spread very quickly and have a harmful impact on the area of the oceans, the richest animal and plant, causing serious damage to the economy and the state of marine ecosystems. Seas were known as one of the most important sources of food, energy, and metals, and have hundreds of creatures live and produce thousands of sources. These seas have attacked by oil-ships, and petroleum transportation via gas-pipes, increasing gradually due to oil trading and “more than 80% of marine pollution is caused by land-based activities that cause oil spills, fertilisers and toxic chemical runoff and the discharge of untreated sewage” (Iaccino). Oil-ships used to fill its tank by the sea water after unload the oil to maintain its balance and be able to sail back to the exporting port. Oil and oil products have an adverse effect on many organisms and adversely affect all parts of the biological chain. Oil on the surface of the oceans and seas can disrupt the exchange of energy, heat, moisture and gases between the ocean and the atmosphere. Ultimately, the presence of the oil film on the surface of the ocean can affect not only the physical, chemical and hydro-biological conditions in the ocean, but also the Earth's climate, the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere. During the sailing the oil-ship sometimes needs to add more water or releases some depending on sea weather for safety matter. When these ships release the extra polluted water in oceans or seas, the marine life are killed or forced to developed unhealthy situations. Oil pollution inflicts a severe blow to the biological balance of the sea. The spot does not miss the sun's rays, slows down the update of oxygen in the water. As a result, no longer reproduce the plankton that implies the staple food of marine life. The top five inches of water column develops a rich community a variety of organisms. This is the basis of food for many species of fish and invertebrates that inhabit as adults the water column and seabed and ocean floor. On the ocean surface and accumulate polluting substances, including oil and oil products. The soluble components of the oil are highly toxic. Their presence leads to the death of marine life and especially fish than to cause serious damage to the economy of several countries of the world. The soluble components of oil are often the cause of seabird mortality, adversely affect the taste of the meat of marine animals. To prevent the sea water pollution we suggest that the oil-ships must follow regulated procedures in the three steps of oil shipping from port to port: load and export, sailing, and unload at the final distance. World production of pesticides reaches 200 thousand tons / year. The relative chemical stability of many of these compounds, as well as contributed to the propagation of their entry into the seas and oceans in large volumes. Constant accumulation of organochlorine compounds in water is a serious threat to human life. It has been established that there is a balance between the level of water contamination by organochlorine compounds and their concentrations in the fatty tissues of fish and marine mammals.
First of all, the load and export procedures should be designed by global environment organization. These procedures should include a term that unloading polluted sea water should be done under the control and in filtering station in the export port. Then load the new shipping oil under high standard safety which can guarantee the environment is safe from spilling oil. When the loading procedure has done, all tank outlets and inputs must locked by security tags that guarantee they won’t be able to open until the oil-ship has arrive to the unloading distance. To reduce the anthropogenic load on the environment, reduction of water consumption dockyards must constantly working on the introduction of environmentally friendly processes, wastewater treatment, disposal of liquid and solid wastes should be carried out departmental monitoring of the state of the reservoir, the air in the vicinity of shore facilities. It must be put into operation to clean up the construction of washing water in order to reduce pollution and the possibility of entering into waterways and sewer systems. Lack of intensive movement of the water column and creates unfavorable conditions for cleaning. At the bottom of the sea settles a huge amount of harmful chemical components contained in the waste. As a result of the increasing pollution caused tremendous damage to fish stocks of the ocean.
The next procedure is sailing monitoring. The global environment organization must have an authorization and sufficient equipment to monitor the oil ships during sailing overseas. The must have high technology to follow up the shipping process from A to Z. They may use the satellites, helicopters, and small boats. During the sailing, some oil ships forced, due to bad weather or to avoid late delivery fee, to drop part of their shipment in the sea water to faster their speed, so it is very important to monitor the oil ships during the shipping trip to prevent sea water pollution.
Finally, the last prevent procedure of sea water pollution prevention is safely unloading the shipment and replace it by sea water to back home safely too. Unloading distance officers must check all the oil-ship tank’s outlets and inputs that they still have valid security locked tags in order to allow the shipment to unload. Once the distance port has received the verification officers unloading permission, then the shipment is ready to unload and replace it by sea water. The next step is going to be security locked tagging for all outlets and inputs. The oil ships also must be equipped by safety tanks available for using during sailing risks. This tanks can be used to transfer some of polluted sea water from the oil-ship’s main tank and then carefully drop the external safety tank in sea water, and then submit the status and dropping coordination’s location to the global environment organization to send a cleaning group to remove the tank back to the nearest filtering station. The oil-ship must be also responsible of all the cleaning costs.
In conclusion, to prevent the sea water pollution, we should monitor the three shipping process and follow strict procedure to assure this transaction safely done without damaging our environment. These procedures also cost nothing comparing to removing the pollution itself and the pollution impacts.

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