Example Of Globalization – Module 5 Essay


Globalization has revolutionized the way contemporary civilizations operate. Passaris (2006) defines globalization as a “global integration of economies through trade and investment flows” with the aim of promoting “international competitiveness” (par. 6). While drivers such as trade agreements and migration triggered the onset of globalization, the advent of the internet gave this concept a tremendous boost. First, it has facilitated the flow of information across geographical boundaries. As a result, people can quickly exchange ideas, knowledge, innovations, and skills to promote economic, social, and political development. Secondly, the social networks on the internet provide communication platforms that cut across racial and cultural divides. These enable multinational corporations and “e-businesses” identify potential business partners and customers (Borcuch, Pilat-Borcuch & Swierczynska-Kaczor, 2012). Globalization offers several cultural and political values depicted by numerous websites in the US. This essay focusses on Hotel.com as a model for these values and argues that the site offers material comfort, efficiency, success, freedom, and equal opportunity.
Over the years, the American society has shifted from a family-oriented, laid-back culture to a fast-paced, individual-centered culture. Hotel.com best exemplifies these values in both its content and outlook. The website offers worldwide hotel-booking services. The majority of individuals aim at attaining material comfort. This need takes the form of holidays and family vacations. The site offers different types of hotel accommodations including ski, spa, boutique, and luxurious chain hotels to cater for diverse client needs. The choice of such facilities largely depends on the income of the customers and their preferences. The culture of success is evident in the global hotel industry where it is measured by the ability to afford elite hotels in popular holiday destinations. Examples of elite hotels advertised on the site include the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and the Homewood Suites offered by Hilton in New York. Popular destinations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also featured on the site to attract elite clients. Furthermore, not every family can afford vacations and summer holidays. Hence, the ability to afford one is a mark of success in traditional American culture.
Modern formal jobs involve many business travels. Executives attending meetings in different cities and must make early hotel bookings. Hotel.com offers a broad range of business hotel reservations. Besides, the site offers several price deals such as last minute deals and the deal of the day offers with up to 50% discount. Lastly, the culture of practicality and efficiency as aspects of globalization is shown by the increasing demand for faster and efficient services. Since many hours at work, individuals have only minutes to spare to search for ideal business and holiday destinations. As such, Hotel.com links clients to hotels that match their preferences. Furthermore, Hotel.com offers free sign up, 24-hour service through the website and the regional phone call centers, and redeemable free night accommodations.
The political values of globalization reflected on the website include freedom and enterprise, and equal opportunity. With globalization comes the freedom to undertake whatever business venture one wishes. This freedom has enabled Hotel.com to use the internet to reach millions of clients located in different geographical settings. The site advertises more than 400, 000 hotels found in more than 200 countries and has several offices across Europe (Hotel.com, n.d.). Moreover, clients are free to select whichever holiday destinations they prefer without any political restrictions regarding travel. Secondly, Hotel.com adheres to the ideals of equal opportunity by offering price and accommodation deals that cater to the differential income level of clients.
While the values highlighted in this essay reflect the effects of globalization, some are unique to America such as material comfort. Most individuals pursue higher education and high-paying jobs to secure the elusive American dream. This thought manifests itself in the form of material comfort – owning a house and a car, securing private schooling for children and affording family vacations. Hence, individuals endure long working hours in stressful jobs to attain these material comforts. While other societies exhibit this trend, this materialistic orientation is more prevalent in the American society.
In conclusion, Hotel.com reflects some of the cultural and political ideals of globalization such as freedom and enterprise, efficiency, material comfort, and success. While such efforts are laudable, some degree of caution is needed to ensure that societies do not become egocentric and individualistic. Nevertheless, the website is a reflection of what globalization aims at achieving.


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