Collective Action For Social Movements. Essay Samples

Question 1.

Mass movements were more effective means of relaying information as opposed to individual campaigns (Chong, 1991). These entailed the boycotts, sit-ins, Freedom Rides, marches, and similar tactics employed by the African-American Civil Rights Movement that resulted in many social, economic and political changes. According to Diani and McAdam (2005), Montgomery Bus Boycott was a classic instance that led to the abolition of the vice of segregation based on racial discrimination. It would not have been possible for an individual strike since we find Rosa Park was arrested. Martin Luther King Jr. too would not have succeeded alone without the involvement of the entire African-American community.  
Samuel Wilbert Tucker would not manage alone hence he aided organization of sit-ins like the Greensboro sit-ins that entailed an array of nonviolent protests in Greensboro in 1960 leading to the Woolworth department store chain eradicating its policy of racial segregation. Wilkes was imprisoned, but a mass movement of support emerged demonstrating for his right to sit in Parliament, and they succeeded since Wilkes became an Alderman of London in 1769. Mass demonstrations had higher collective bargaining powers as opposed to individual person’s campaigns. This prompted for immediate corrective actions since the resultant striking individuals were difficult to contain.

Question 2.

Pinard (2011) argues that group involvement would yield sustainable solutions since the persons in the societies affected would collectively strive to achieve their needs, fight against discriminations and maintain their dignity. They were very effective in exercising such techniques as sit-ins or boycotts and hence the discriminating party would have no otherwise other than initiate necessary changes to curb the voice per se. Resultant devastations and huge losses due to mass demonstrations would definitely yield lasting solutions with the hope of avoiding future demonstrations. As opposed to individual campaigns, mass demonstrations were more difficult to contain and hence every agreement attained would be maintained to restore peace and order indefinitely Maheu (1995). The mass movement would enlighten the entire society, and hence every issue addressed had to be solved once and for all so that the following generations would not fight for similar rights.


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