Should Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Improve Public Health? Research Paper Example

One issue on which I have a strong opinion is whether or not the same-sex marriage ruling improves public health. This issue is rooted in the argument for how the development of the concern for social rights effects the underlying public health.
The way in which the argument concerning the issue is that it is essentially an issue concerned with the overall ability of these rulings to lead to the improvement of public health. This issue was presented by a policy maker or member of media within the past six months. Furthermore, it presents the issue of how to deal with the problem of social health in the changing marriage environment.
One idea presented by a policy maker is that this ruling will help the public health care system. This position argues that the policy of public health will lead directly to the improvement of the public health sector. I am inclined to agree with this position, due to the arguments that have been set out. The arguments are essentially that public health has historically increased under these types of changes. These changes are essentially the presentation of the ideological advent of the social changes.
However, the claim that this will inevitably be the case is one that should be approached with skepticism. The dynamics of the social health structure are complex and hard to understand. In this way, it is difficult to ascertain exactly what the outcome of the changes will be. In order to properly evaluate the credibility of the claim it is important to examine the appropriate sources. In this way, the background information surrounding the issue can be identified and the problem can be dealt with. In this way, sources dealing with the identification of factors relating to public health, as well as their relationship with same sex marriage.
The question at hand involves the problem of how the rulings on same sex marriage effect public health. These rulings will have a direct influence on the ability of the public health system to represent the public in this way. The rulings have essentially influenced the public health system, in their need to better represent the individuals.

“Marriage has long been shown to promote mental and physical well-being.”

Historically, there have been two opposing stances concerning the debate. Issues surrounding the problem are centered on concern of how these changes to the fundamental basis of society will change the public health structure. In this way, the argument is essentially rooted in the idea that any advances in social justice will ultimately lead to greater public health. “History shows that some of the greatest advances in public health, and subsequently the well-being of all people, have been the direct result of increased social justice” (Krehely, 2013).
The article appearing in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior discusses the role of race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status in the lives of those who cohabitate. The article utilizes research into the subject in order to frame its arguments. By doing so it is able to base its arguments in data.
The study is essentially in response to the fact that there are many who cohabitate and are not able to receive these benefits. The historical identities of the married individuals within the country led to the ingrained idea that this was the best of cases. In this way, research traditionally led to the inability to accurately assess the correct impact that these changes have had. This is essentially due to the inability to assess a specific sample.
The research done on these issues is rooted in the need to present the correct measures when studying the problem. “Previous research on same-sex cohabitation and well-being has been predominantly qualitative in nature or based on small, community-based, non-representative surveys with primarily white and high-SES samples benefits” (Liu, 2013). In this way, the samples were not correctly representative of the problem.

What was the ultimate conclusion of the argument?

The ultimate conclusion of the argument is that there are, in fact, benefits to the ability for same-sex partners to get married. The benefits that they receive will result in the overall increase in their ability to receive social improvements in their healthcare. “Recent research suggests that married and cohabiting individuals are becoming more similar in their benefit for health” (Liu, 2013). In this way, the studies eventually concluded that the issue essentially results in better public health for the individuals involved.
The major premises of this idea is that the public health of these representatives will have similar results on a larger scale. In this way, the author presents his conclusions through the idealization of the previous results that have been studied. These results indicate support for the argument that these changes in marriage equality will inevitably have a positive impact on public health.
The content of the claim does support the personal observations that I have made as well as the background knowledge that I have in regards to the issue. It does seem that individuals who are married are in better health, and when a single spouse dies, often the other will have degradations in their health.
The source does possess relevant experience and educational expertise. The papers are based on the studies that were conducted in regards to social well-being and health. In this way, the ability to provide these basic services to those who are married becomes evident. The content of the claim is not generally refuted by other sources. However, other studies have been done that relate the issues of public health to gender. In this way, the public health of individuals is essentially rooted more in their specific genders or ethnic backgrounds than in the characteristics of their marriages.
The claim provides primarily on inductive support in order to reach its conclusions. Through the collection of data and the utilization of analytic methods the idea that these marriages should be considered in public social well-being is presented through the scope of the research. In this way, the sources relies more heavily on statistical evidence than on rhetorical devices in order to sway the audience. The article is scientific in its approach the issue rather than rhetorical.
The research has fundamentally altered my position on the issue, as it was originally founded on the idea that people’s public health was not related as specifically to the individuals that they are married to. The broader implications of this for me as a critical thinker reflects on the need to base study in the collection of real data rather than on the rhetorical discussion of the problem.


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