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The continuance of academic success is essential when it is a reflection on the values and beliefs we choose to live by as college students whom eventually become professionals within their career. Academic success does not only occur within the classroom but learning also takes place from the experiences and the people we encounter on a day to day basis. More education throughout life is a necessity to be more marketable and employed; even during the overwhelming economic recessions. An individual with the highest level of education within a company may not have to worry about lay-offs as much as compared to their subordinates. Technology is advancing every second of the day, so keeping up with the expectations within society is a must for a college-educated professional. There are many benefits to continuing academic success such as having the ability to purchase a home in a good environment, drive a more modern and reliable automobile, being able to provide for family and place children in schools with a quality education system, healthcare insurance to cover surgeries and just well-checkups, etc. The benefits are priceless when an individual chooses to continue their education throughout their life (Regier, 2011). The disadvantages, however of not continuing one’s academic career may lead to an unfulfilling life. Not to mention, an extremely lower income than that of a college graduate, potential of becoming a career criminal, being more prone to scams and possibly not being to show children and grandchildren a better way of living, other than being satisfied with being “stuck” in his or her situation (Martinez, Ownes, & Schhneider, 2006). Furthermore, throughout this assignment, I will be discussing concepts that were learned over the course in this classroom and I will be reflecting on my own personal experiences to explain the importance of the continuance of academic success in depth.

How Setting Goals Can Lead to Success

Setting goals can lead to success because I feel that when an individual look towards the future to examine where they want to be in his or her life, although at times it could be quite scary and overwhelming. But the main important point is that it usually requires an individual to take a good look at where they are presently at within their circumstances. This means making tough decisions and changes within their perspective to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts for their education. Sometimes, a change may need to be drastic such as being single for a while just to focus on academic studies. An individual can change their plans frequently and still preserve the advantages of planning, choosing their destined direction and that could mean being in charge of his or her own life. In order to be able to achieve this, setting goals are mandatory. The goals must be specific and worth working towards. An individual needs to sit in a quiet and stress free atmosphere to think critically and honestly about whom they are and where they want to be in life. Although it is important to learn from past mistakes, the prizes are in the steps an individual take today and see the outcome in the future. It is a good to always have an idea of what your goals in your education, career, and life are and to have a plan on how to meet each goal to succeed even in situations where obstacles may occur.

One Educational Goal and One Career Goal

I have both educational and career goals. I hope to achieve both of these goals, and I have plan in place for how to do so. My educational goals consisted of the fact that I have decided at the age of fifty to go back to school to retrieve my associates degree in education. This decision has been a long time coming. I thought that I just would never go back to school. My mother always would tell me that I needed to go to school, however I resisted greatly. She also always felt as if I had a “gift” with children. I have considered the ideal of going back to school so many times before but now I feel is the right time. I had two children and a husband instead. My short-term career goal consists of a supervisor position in my place of employment. One of the most important characteristics is to network and get to know individuals from all sorts of diversities and backgrounds. I know communication is important in my work and for networking so I am working improve my communication in all areas.

How the Writing Process Can Help Advance Within My Education and Career Goals

Writing is perhaps the most common way of communicating in the work place, especially with e-mails, texts, memos. Being able to effectively and succinctly communicate my thoughts it will help advance me within my educational and career goals. Communication is conducted both verbally and non-verbally in a personal or professional environment. In addition, the writing process will advance my goals since if in the event I was unable to write, I would not receive a grade for an assignment or I would not receive a job promotion without the writing process. The writing process is a rigorous process that helps me to communicate my thoughts and ideas in an intelligent manner.

Steps to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are very important, utilizing my critical thinking skills to become an independent think will make me a better student Some of the steps I can take to becoming a critical thinker are that an individual must be willing to look at situations differently. It means being flexible and asking a wide range of questions (Ellis, 2015, p. 55). Critical thinking will change things around and allow a person to perceive situations in a new light and ask questions. Both creative thinking and critical thinking call on us to embrace the new. We can think critically about a new idea only if we're willing to consider it in the first place. And it is hard to create something original or change our behavior if we insist on sticking with what is already familiar to us (Ellis, 2015, p. 202). Change is the beginning of critical thinking. It takes to time to improve critical thinking skill but as they improve I hope they will help me fully appreciate all perspectives of an issues such as the pragmatic issues, the ethical consequences, and so on.

Ethical Lens

Perhaps one of the most important skills gained from critical thinking skills is the to ability to understand the ethical issues surrounding a problem. For example the ethical lens included an assessment of the characteristic of relationships. I believe that the critical thinking definitely comes in to play when an individual thinks about relationships. My assessment says that I believe in total fairness and justice for all. This is not only critical thinking to me but it is also a rational point of view. I do believe that my ethical lens is approximately ninety percent correct. This could be an issue because my feelings are too involved in matters that I would need to detach myself from. So I think that I need to keep my emotions in check when making decisions that are in the good for everyone. I hope that taking this course will help me to achieve this.
Resources can be very helpful when achieving education and career goals. In regards to the University of Phoenix, I have found that it has a great deal of resources to help me significantly on my education journey. There are tutorials in writing and math. I have an extensive library at my finger tips to look up any subject that I may need to research. And if all that fails, then there is a library that I can go to and ask a librarian. This university is making an investment in my education. Having a wealth of resources at my fingertips is an awesome feeling. One of my favorite resources that the University Phoenix offers is the online databases to help with research.
Benefits and Challenges with Outside Sources
Research is very important to me achieving my educational goals and becoming a critical thinker, determining which sources are reliable and which are not is particularly helpful to improve critical thinking skills. In this class, I have come to realize that a student cannot count on the unreliable resources which are discovered while surfing the Internet. There is information that is either bias or unsubstantiated. Even though there are websites that would be useful extremely useful when conducting research or creating a term paper, the student must validate the sources, as well as the credentials of the author. However, peer-reviewed articles are always the appropriate choice within the academic classroom. When citing unreliable it is very easy to attribute the wrong person with someone else’s thoughts and ideas, so it is important to take the challenges of outside sources seriously.
Conclusion (Other Lessons Learned)
Plagiarism is a serious matter whether accidental or intentional and the end consequence will be severe. Plagiarism is not tolerated under any circumstances at the University of Phoenix or any university in general. I have learned that when writing assignments it is best to keep thing simple and to double check my citations for plagiarism.
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