Gobekli Tepe Pictures

Here are some more pictures related to Göbekli Tepe. You can check the main page for Göbekli Tepe here. Some images are clickable to see larger versions (will open in same tab/window of your browser).

Google Earth Image showing the Göbekli Tepe site. West is up on this map. The black outline shows the elevated area of the hill. The hill runs roughly E-W as a thin ridge, but in the area of Göbekli Tepe, the ridge widens out into a "belly" or saddle, forming a small plateau.

Göbekli Tepe on Wikimapia. The hill with the excavation is at the top right. North is up on this image. The town of Orencik can be seen to the lower left, with the road leading to Göbekli Tepe.


Another image from Google Earth, this time at an angle to show elevation. It's not clear when looking from directly overhead in satellite images that Göbekli Tepe is actually an elevated area, formed by the confluence of several small hills. This image is taken looking roughly westwards, with the town of Orencik in the distance.

Photograph of the road leading to Göbekli Tepe. As can be seen, this is a hilly area with lots of limestone. There is some grass, but not many trees. This area was very different 12,000 years ago, when it was forested and supported a large number of game animals.


Photo of the Gobeki Tepe excavation site. Part of the excavation is covered with a corrugated tin roof, as can be seen in the picture.

Broken off stone block showing one of the numerous animal figure carvings found at Göbekli Tepe.


Stone column with a lizard like critter carved on the base.

Another view of the site. The mound in the center is one of the things that convinced Schmidt that this was a neolithic site. The mound is actually about 300 meters across, and is probably the result of the deliberate burial of the site around 7,500-8,000 BC.


Engraving of a lion or some kind of big cat on a T-stone.

Another view of the excavation.


Layout of site, showing 3 circular buildings currently excavated, as well as estimated locations of some others.

Some statues found at Göbekli Tepe.


Small statuette of a woman found near site.

A bird's head figurine.

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